Project Management

Project Management

Project Management

Project Management

DiTech offers effective and efficient Project Management Services to help streamline your publishing production processes. Our team of professionals diligently handle the task of delivering high quality work within the timeframe required, assuring you complete peace of mind.

Taking up the responsibility of your project, DiTech Project Managers successfully execute it from start to finish, with domain expertise and experience, proven methodology and cutting-edge project management tools. Our project managers possess an in-depth understanding of the editorial process and undertake the accountability of executing the projects on-time with high-quality delivery.

Based on reliable scheduling and tracking, our project management services range from composition only to full-service and can include:

Kick-off with Publishers, Editorial and Author
Coordination with Author and Publishers for manuscript
Handling complete manuscripts and artwork
Setting up the manuscript checklist and coordinating with editorial
Coordination with Author and Editorial for queries
Collation and execution of corrections from Author and Editorial
Creation and submissions of MIS report
Review of copyedited manuscript and the sized and logged art
Composition coordination to confirm design and makeup
Overseeing the electronic distribution of the proofs to the Author, Editorial and Proofreaders
Monitor the proof review to ensure that the proofs are returned on schedule
Request CIP and prepare front matter
Planning and execution for complete production
Coordination with printer and giving print approval

The Project Management services provided by DiTech helps you print and publish best- sellers faster, focus resources on expanding into new areas and overcome challenges such as thinning margins and escalating input costs.

We help you with the best strategies & execution