Publishers Weekly have recently published its 14th annual report on India’s digital solutions industry entitled ‘Digital Solutions in India 2019’. In this special report, 14 digital solutions companies explain in detail about the changes, challenges, and issues affecting the publishing industry. The coverage comprises special features on AI/NLP, Open Access, and discoverability (and monetization), and how these companies’ solutions have developed solutions for tackling these issues and meeting the industry requirements. In the insightful report, Publishers Weekly listed DiTech Process Solutions as one of the leading companies that provide innovative solutions to the publishing industry. Mr Nizam Ahmed, CEO of DiTech Process Solutions states how 3ClicksMaster (3CM), a cloud-based automated cross-media publishing platform is serving many organizations for their end-to-end publishing requirements. He prefers DiTech Process Solutions to be known as a technology solutions provider rather than just a service provider. The company has also recently acquired eAthena Solutions Pvt Ltd, “This was the first company to develop regional Indian-language e-books for Kindle, and it was among the first few to launch animated children’s eBooks,” Nizam explains.

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