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Dominating the market with quality and adaptable innovation, DiTech helps you not only survive but evolve with time. We enable you to keep pace with the rapid advancement of technology, placing you ahead of everyone in the Publishing industry.

Today, publishers and individual authors need to sell their books in the e-book formats which are compatible with the dedicated e-book reading devices. The challenge is to be able to skilfully create books in the various electronic formats readable across Kindle, iPad, Sony Readers and other such e- book reading devices, within a short span of time. The launch of ePUB3 and HTML5 has further increased the scope of work for publishers.

DiTech provides quick and efficient Conversion services to meet the growing demands of your evolved readers. Our extensive experience, operational expertise and above all thorough knowledge of e-book conversion, has put us ahead in this industry.


The much-awaited ePUB3 is out in the market and the format is slowly yet steadily being well accepted; the ePUB format ...

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HTML5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web, and is a core technology of...

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Mobi, PRC, Web-PDF

DiTech offers Typesetting services as one of our core functional expertise areas with a dedicated team of professionals...

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DiTech has rich experience in the development of XML-first workflows for simultaneous production of high quality content through multiple channels...

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Doc Conversion

We have expertise in all types of doc and data conversion from a variety of formats to Word document format. High volume HTML to PDF...

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DTD Development

Every publisher is faced with the task of DTD (Document Type Definition) development process. DiTech offers you the services of our DTD ...

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Daisy, NIMAS, Braille Conversion

The DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) is a technical standard for the electronic publication which brings...

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