Cross Media Publishing Solutions

We pride ourselves for being the one-stop solution for all the cross-media publishing requirements.

End-to-End Cross Media Publishing Solutions.

DiTech offers end-to-end CrossMedia publishing Solutions across the globe. We pride ourselves for being the One Stop Solution for all publishing requirements, from Project Management, Content creation/Development, Design & composition(typesetting) to Digital solutions. Driven by innovation and years of industry experience with optimal quality and customer satisfaction, we have a proven track record of delivering complex projects at a quick turnaround time. Right from manuscript acceptance to final publication, we will assist you in every step. We embed automation in our workflow systems for ensuring Accuracy, Consistency, and Speed. Our prime strength is a proactive team of professionals, who are driven by a sense of excellence, accountability, integrity and unmatched insight into the field of publishing. At DiTech, we strive hard to strengthen our competent workforce with specialized expertise to deliver high-quality solutions to publishing companies.

Other Services

Content Management

We offer End to End content solutions, especially to STM, Academics, ELT, Higher-Ed and PreK-12 Publishers with a blend of technology, experience and expertise to guarantee maximum benefits to the Publishers.


Digital Solutions

DiTech Digital Services provide full range of end-to-end digital solutions that enhance and transform content and make it digitally available for different device & Media.Driven by innovation and years of industry experience.


Composition Services

DiTech Composition Services provide full range of end-to-end copyediting and typesetting solutions that enhance and transform content and make it into a consistent, structured print-ready format in a best timebound.


Product & Technology

We are a team of technocrats who believes in delivering the best technology solutions based on advanced techniques, a variety of tech skills, agile methods and processes. Our 3ClicksMaster is a technology-driven product company.


Our Benefits

Dedicated Project Managers
Global Market Presence
Language Command
Highly Scalable Options
On Time Service Delivery
We Help You With The Best Strategies & Execution

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