Composition Services

Documents Composition by leveraging AI/ML to achieve 100% accuracy

Composition Services & Solutions
We always invest in the latest technology and train resources to make the most of it. Our word’s first “Cloud-based AI/ML” enable cross-media Book production on “Bookish” platforms and our “JMaster” helps with Journal production to collaborate with various stakeholders in three dimensions: Create, Design & Publish. Above everything we seek to maintain our philosophy, which is Speed, Quality & Cost; with 90% automation in copy editing, Typesetting and access to multiple outputs such as Print PDF, ePDF, ePub and XML with just a Click Button. We provide Real-time Production Tracking which you can assign and manage from anywhere, any time on any device. We are the best in the industry.

Composition Services


DiTech Digital Services provide full range of end-to-end digital solutions that enhance and transform content and make it digitally available for different device & Media.


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