Fixed Layout eBooks

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Fixed Layout eBooks

Fixed-layout eBooks are created as their print book counterparts with the exact graphic design layout that no reader can change, as opposed to the standard “reflowable” formats in eBook files. Fixed-layout eBooks are a popular format today, especially for children’s picture books, cookbooks, coffee table books, travel books and business/textbooks, which contain heavy formatting, tables, and graphics.

DiTech offers conversion service for Fixed layout ePub by creating fully functional HTML-based eBook files with enhancements to make them more interactive and interesting. Fixed layout eBooks are created through a complex production process using “full-bleed” (edge-to-edge) artworks, more akin to typesetting a page on the device screen. It involves manipulating the fixed format layout publication file, controlling the page layout, position images and embeds fonts, to create a single image page spread with layered elements.

All the prominent eBook retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Apple, Kobo) and the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), have created precise fixed layout formats and our team of expert media designers, technologists and graphic designers are fully trained and equipped to create such eBooks while maintaining the fidelity of printed pages and allowing for a richer presentation. Fixed Layout format eBooks are ideally suited for titles which contain multicolumn text pages, page design, design elements, illustrations, artistic photography, fixed aspect ratios, original art, colour and graphics that impact reading comprehension and enjoyment.

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