Translation Services

DiTech offers multilingual translation services across the globe.
Translation Services

Our Native speakers make sure accuracy and localization as per the business requirements.

  • Manual translation by native language speakers
  • Automated translation using software tools
  • Support for 37 languages including German, French, Japanese, Arabic, and Spanish
  • Translation for websites, documents, eLearning, Multimedia, Video, and Marketing
  • Make changes in units of measurement, currency and time
  • Make changes in keyboard usage
  • Adapt images, icons, page layouts and graphics
  • Cultural and regional changes
  • Changes in colours, shapes, sizes, and styles
  • Changes in societal codes i.e., etiquette, humour, rituals, myths, symbols
  • Changes in societal values, power, relationships, beliefs

Our Benefits

Dedicated Project Managers
Global Market Presence
Language Command
Highly Scalable Options
On Time Service Delivery
We Help You With The Best Strategies & Execution