Accessibility eBooks

Accessibility eBooks

Accessibility eBook provides equal access to all the readers, regardless of their disabilities. Accessibility eBooks are developed according to the accessible ePUB3 specifications where HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript elements are incorporated to include interactive elements such as audio and video.

Accessibility Requirements

DiTech follows industry-standard practices in the accessible eBook development which includes:

         Enabling with text-to-speech capabilities

          Semantic Mark-up for better structuring

          ARIA best practices

          Customized font styles and sizes if required

          Addition of interactive elements using HTML5 and CSS3

          Native MathML support for equations and Notations

DiTech implements several accessibility guidelines in the eBook development Process and adheres to WCAG 2.0 Compliance resulting in better accessibility.

Accessible eBook Development

We also make sure that accessible eBooks are compatible with different platforms:


         WINDOW EYES



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