Ancillary Content Development

About Ancillary Content Development

DiTech has been at the forefront of providing end-to-end customized publishing services for the industry. Adding to its array of services, we now offer the creation of flexible and customized Ancillary Content Development for publishers as per their requirements. We have the technical expertise required for this service, which is in turn supported by our editorial team, which uses a deep knowledge of the publishing domain to meet your requirements.

DiTech enables publishers to support their online content with online publishing tools that include:
Image collections (thumbnails, downloadable in PDF and JPG formats)
PowerPoint presentations (including insertion of images as required)
Documents in DOC/PDF format (includes instructor’s manuals, case studies, assignments, etc.)
Test banks or quizzes (includes multi-choice, true/false, and other such question & answer formats along with rationales and randomization)
Flash-based image labeling exercises and flip cards with terms and definitions
Audio collection (including terms and pronunciation)
Videos & animations (including conversion to compatible MPEG format)

We would be happy to provide you our Ancillary Content Development services, enabling you to meet the growing demands of evolved readers, especially in the Educational sector.

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