eBooks Creation

eBooks Creation

Publishers around the world have already started embracing the burgeoning e-book market. eBooks are digital versions of printed books and enhanced eBooks contain video and audio elements enhancing a reader’s experience. From the dedicated eReader to tablet making your book available digital has become more like a necessity. In 2009, eBooks accounted for 2% of the book sales market. By 2012, this figure has increased to a whopping 23%.

DiTech provides professional eBook publishing and conversion services for creating engaging content and transforming your existing content for the emerging market. Our team of experts uses the latest technologies for eBook production and conversion. Whether you have a printed book or a digital file like a Word doc we can convert your book into all the different available eBook formats. Be it Apple iPad, iPhone, Amazon Kindle™, Nook, SONY® eBook Reader, Android or Mobipocket, DiTech will prepare your books ready for all platforms. We make sure it reaches your target audience by adhering to the IDPF’s ePUB industry standard.

DiTech is one of the best sought-after eBook publishing companies that offer end-to-end eBook solutions suited to your production and budget goals. We provide a wide range of eBook services such as typesetting, enhancements, customized eBook development or consulting. DiTech has great expertise in creating eBooks with XML workflows, content conversion and delivery mechanisms for various platforms and devices. We understand the time and effort that authors have put into writing their manuscript, so we make sure to convert each work with utmost perfection.

DiTech offers the following eBook services such as:

         Conversion of documents to eBook format (ePUB/ePUB3/PDF/Mobi)

          Cover designing with stock images or a new illustration

          Editing and optimization of images in eBooks

          eBook layout design and formatting

          eBook testing, advice and support

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