Enhanced eBooks

About Enhanced eBooks

Today, the evolved reader is looking beyond conventional eBooks and desires an enhanced reading experience which is attractive, appealing and engaging. The key is to bring technology to books, leading to the creation of enhanced eBooks with rich multimedia, animation, interactivity, and much more.

DiTech offers you the expertise of our media designers, technologists and content developers who are equipped to satisfy the needs of the evolved reader. We are capable of converting conventional printed books as well as eBooks into enhanced and interactive content.

We offer creation of enhanced eBooks with specialized features:
Addition of rich and engaging media features such as audio, video and interactivity
Hidden searchable text and collapsible tables of contents which makes navigation and selective reading more convenient
Internal linking with footnotes/annotations/cross references/indexes
External linking with associated websites/social media sites /geolocation/directions

The much awaited ePUB3 is now out in the market and is slowly yet steadily being acknowledged as the widely accepted format for eBook delivery with the industry body IDPF is playing a vital role in the cause. ePUB3 allows addition of enriched content (audio, video, media overlays, speech), supports complex content (maths-MathML, high-design textbooks), global language support, new and changed functionality (semantic inflection, content switching, navigation, scripting and triggers). Our team has indept understanding of the features and functionality of ePUB3 to help you create exciting enhanced eBooks catering to educational, leisure and research reading needs of your readers.

We help you with the best strategies & execution