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Technology solutions for publishers
As a solution-based software development organization, we would like to work on innovative ideas. We can help you to transform ideas into product implementation with the help of our experienced tech geeks. We always ensure to deliver a cost-effective solution with emerging technologies.

Solutions We Deliver

Product Engineering

Our Product Engineering services apply the highest standards of architectural design, customization, and development. We are well-versed in the dimension of UI/UX design, DevOps, and Agile Development. We develop each product based on the principles of scalable performance & long term usability. This process helps to maximize productivity and enhance quality. We follow various methods to improve throughput. Our technology-driven solutions always fulfil your business requirement and help to scale your business growth.

eBooks Automation

eBooks Automation helps to make eBooks more interactive. We provide a variety of eBooks Automations like Reflow eBook, Fixed Layout, Read Aloud, and Interactive eBook. We use the highly intuitive platform to convert a PDF into eBook in minutes. It will reduce turnaround time. Low manual efforts mean significant cost saving. We work for all major eBook platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook, Kobo, Adobe Digital Editions etc. Till date, we have provided the best solutions and services in eBooks Automation to clients.

LMS Development

We are known as the one-stop destination for LMS development. We provide our own customized LMS product as per client specifications. First, we take the inputs from the client. Then we create design mockups. After client approval, we start with the actual development. We customize and configure LMS according to your business need. The look & feel of the LMS matched to your company branding with a custom theme, and design of your preference.

Web Application

We focus on the overall digital impact of business across the world to draw the attention of clients, thus building a solid business image through its web application development services. We have experts who can work for any application on the web platform. While working on any product, technology is not a barrier for us. Let us know your requirement and what technology stack do you prefer. Accordingly, we deliver you the best product in a given timeline. We have UI/UX experts team who can provide the best interface.

Custom Software

We are helping your businesses to achieve competitive benefits by leveraging technology landscape. Being as a software development company, our first aim to provide you with the best quality software solutions. For delivering a high-performance solution, our team of experts are always ready to understand your requirement and propose the best idea. We offer Custom Software Solutions across multiple verticals & platforms. Our development team is well versed with any technology platform to deliver a high-end solution.

Mobile App

For having a solution to a fingertip mobile app is the necessity of every business. Mobile applications are the simplest way to reach a maximum number of customers in a minimal amount of time in an effective way. Whether it is an iOS Application or an Android App development, we can offer you a stand out application. To fulfil your business need, our team is always ready. We provide Mobile App Development for iOS and Android OS. Mobile App with attractive UI and interactive UX is the key feature of our solutions.

HTML5 Development

All HTML5 solutions built by us are secure & sustainable, constructed in such a way that they can be easily maintained and scaled as needed. Furthermore, HTML5 solutions created by our expert HTML5 developers are cross-platform capable, able to function seamlessly on and across any device or software platform. Our team provide a word to HTML5 conversion. We will take word file as an input and deliver responsive HTML5 as an output. We ensure error-free HTML5 files as a final output based on the latest web standards.

AI/ML Development

Enhance your business output, with our Artificial Intelligence (AI) models, specially tailored and developed to meet your needs to achieve remarkable performance and high efficiency. We provide leading innovative AI solutions and ML modelling. It will help your organization to reduce operational cost, increase the revenue and improve customer experience. We offer different features while delivering the AI and ML development services. We strictly follow the timeline of product delivery.

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