Graphics Services

DiTech recognizes the importance of graphics in publishing, as the human tendency is such that our eyes go immediately to photographs/pictures and moreover visual learning is known to be more impactful and long-lasting.

DiTech specializes in creating an engaging visual appeal to your publishing content while catering to complex art services, including science, technical, medical and math illustrations. Our team of skilled graphic designers have profound experience in working with industry- leading design applications, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Aldus Freehand, MacroMedia and DeltaGraph, to name a few. We can use existing materials, modify them as needed, or create new photography, illustrations, maps, cartoons, and scan or redraw any artwork.

We provide complete art and photo services, including:
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DiTech offers different modules of high-quality scanning at reasonable prices. Book Scanning is done with the help of specialized book scanners which delicately handle the scanning of the most fragile books without any contact to the original pages. Document Scanning is performed adhering to strict quality standards along with maintenance of full logs for audit purposes.


Re-drawing / Re-lettering

Our seasoned graphic designers are capable of drawing high- quality complex line-arts, maps & chemical artworks, with utmost precision. We have expertise in handling creative line-art, such as cartoons, medical, environmental, biological, to name a few. We re-create high-quality graphic arts using rough sketches provided by authors.


Cover Design

The cover and title defines the character of your book and plays an important role in your book sales. With years of experience in cover design, DiTech offers you many options, helping create an eye-catching book cover (one-color, multiple-colour or full-colour, with photos, line drawings, paintings, or other artwork). All covers have a gloss laminated finish, which ensures durability, resistance to stains and spills, and above all, enhancing the character of your book.

Photo Acquisition and Permissions

DiTech manages image search and rights management to enhance the visual appeal of your publishing content. We review the manuscript, the project criteria & budget beforehand and then work closely with the editor in selecting the appropriate images for the book. We track rights using internal systems or tools provided by the publisher while maintaining the required logs for rights management.

We help you with the best strategies & execution