Typesetting & Composition

DiTech offers Typesetting services as one of our core functional expertise areas with a dedicated team of professionals well learned and experienced in Typesetting, Composing, pagination & Copyediting.

We have an in-house dedicated team of skilled and up to date compositors who have worked with the latest pagination software (with/without XML) and delivered key projects. They can cater to requirements for typesetting from 1-color to 4-color. Proficient in all industry standard software packages, our typesetting department can produce a huge range of work in vastly reduced timeframes.

DiTech currently caters to select STM (scientific, technical, medical) publishers as our key client’s who have a substantial requirement of typesetting services. While working for them, our prepress team uses QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign & PageMaker for page-layout applications and Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw for image processing, illustration re- drawing & cover designing.

We have successfully executed exclusive Indexing projects for prominent publishers and distinguished authors. DiTech follows a thorough and systematic system for delivering Indexing services so that every word or subject that may be of importance in the given subject and that is present in the body of the content is included in the index created.

The Typesetting, Indexing and Composition services provided by DiTech will help you benefit from our in-house prepress and production knowledge, achieve cost efficiencies for document layout, improve turnaround time and most importantly deliver high-quality published content.

Core Competencies

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