Typesetting & Proxy

Financial Typesetting solutions for proxy statements, quarterly and annual reports, IPOs, prospectuses, shareholder reports.

Typesetting & Proxy Hosting

For the Investor and shareholder communications, last minute changes in reports and delay in filing and mailing delivery can often cause problems for companies. DiTech process the document through a single source automation platform that streamlines the entire process right from Typesetting to HTML conversion and directly hosting.

Our Single source platform delivers rush design and printing services for your financial documents such as proxy statements, quarterly and annual reports, IPOs, prospectuses, shareholder reports, etc. No matter how complex your financial documents are, DiTech will transform them in a clear and concise way, which helps filing agent to deliver project on time.


Key Features:

  • Single Source Platform
  • Easily edit content & graphs in the ‘editor’ with a user-friendly interface like MS Word
  • Inbuilt blacklining feature to track changes
  • Validating HTML files for SEC filing
  • Real time PDF review: CPO, Current, Cumulative and Print PDF


Uploading your financial statements and proxies on a secure cloud hosting platform with various itemise linking.

  • Tiles Navigation
  • Support all devices
  • Powerful Navigation
  • Downloads
  • Print by page
  • Social media and/or email share

Our Benefits

Dedicated Project Managers
Global Market Presence
Language Command
Highly Scalable Options
On Time Service Delivery
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